St-James Theatre


Base Rental rates;

$10,000 plus taxes for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
$12,500 plus taxes for Thursdays and Sundays;
$15,000 plus taxes for Fridays and Saturdays

The Base Rental Rate includes the three halls,sound,lighting and projection systems as well as stage and back curtains;

Optional Package at $25 plus taxes / per person**
In addition and apart from the Base Rental Rate, the Tenant can choose the Optional Package that includes:

1. Rectangular tables 96 inches, round 72 inches; cocktail tables ( hight and low). Linens not included;
2. Chameleon black or white chairs, high cocktail chairs with velour seat, large Capitain's chairs with red velvet;
3. Cleaning and security;
4. Elevator operator, 2 staff members during event for cleaning;
5. Red carpet;
6. Bar furniture;
7. Access to one private room for coordination;
8.Coatcheck setup;
9. Catering,bar service fees and supplier fees reduced to 10% 
10. Indoor Parking Option at 220 St-. Jacques at $10.00 per car
11. 1 Free ticket per guest to any Rialto Theater or St-James Theater Show 

The Tenant must pay Catering/Supplier fees of 15% for all external services: caterer, bar service, equipment, accessory , furniture supplier etc. The external suppliers must respect times of delivery and pickup and access points. The external suppliers must be preauthorized before they can access the Theatre;
Turnkey packages;

The Theatre offers Turnkey Packages: $139  per person plus taxes and service;$169 per person plus taxes and service; $199 per person plus taxes and service;
Base Rental Rates are always added to these prices. The Optional Package is ,however, included.
For all visit requests and inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Ezio Carosielli




You can consult our Technical Specifications here : 

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